vtools complete keccak prerelease

Posted on 2018-04-07 20:20 notes, technical, vtools

I'm going to call this post a vtools pre-release. I'm deferring the proper release write up till Wednesday, but meanwhile the relevant release work has been done, and it's good time to point interested parties to the bits so that further log discussion can happen. I doubt that my write ups stand on their own, that is without also close following of the going ons in the logs, but this post is particularly so only of interest to specific people.

I've reground the project around manifest file. From previous conversations, it seems like the format is mostly inconsequential, so I'm using <date> <nick>\n<message>. An example of the manifest file press, you can see the implicit press order in btcbase annotation, and how that manifest change looks in a vpatch file. In the process I've discovered that btcbase presser isn't working quite right, so at the moment /tree/ shouldn't be relied on for exploration of the press.1

Keccak vdiff /vpatch are now at feature parity with the existing shell based tooling, specifically vpatch now supports no newline directive. We're going to start working with a complete round trip in mp-wp, which is going to be keccak only release. I would still like to make vpatch work with SHA-512 though.

Current complete patchset, with vtools_vpatch_newline keccak and vdiff_sha_static SHA-512 heads,
  1. e.g. vtools_vpatch_newline's manifest contains extra two entries at the end, which is a result of a buggy press rather than the contents of relevant vpatches []

Copa Airlines baggage policy

Posted on 2018-02-08 20:25 notes

bagge policy is for travel from United States to Uruguay

cabin 23kg/ 50lb
check 2 x 23kg/50lb

from 24kg/ 52lb to 32kg/ 70lb US$100
from 33kg/ 72lb to 45kg/ 99lb US$200

159 - 272 cm linear (63 - 107 inches) US$150 per bag
US$175 for each additional bag up to 23 kg each + overweight fees
No more than 2 additional bags allowed.

Individual pieces over 45 kg (99 lb) and 272 cm (107 inches) linear are not allowed
during 1 Jul - 31 Aug, 1 Dec - 31 Jan no additional baggage allowed
Anything weighing more than 100 lb must be sent as cargo.

Each piece can measure up to 62 combined linear inches (158 cm) (height + length + width).

Pieces with a combined linear measurement between 63 inches (159 cm) and 107 inches (272 cm) are considered excess baggage.

Pieces whose combined linear measurements exceed 107 inches (272 cm) will not be accepted as baggage and must be transported as cargo.