BARKS IN THE WIND: vtools complete keccak prerelease

Posted on 2018-04-07 20:20 notes, technical, vtools

I'm going to call this post a vtools pre-release. I'm deferring the proper release write up till Wednesday, but meanwhile the relevant release work has been done, and it's good time to point interested parties to the bits so that further log discussion can happen. I doubt that my write ups stand on their own, that is without also close following of the going ons in the logs, but this post is particularly so only of interest to specific people.

I've reground the project around manifest file. From previous conversations, it seems like the format is mostly inconsequential, so I'm using <date> <nick>\n<message>. An example of the manifest file press, you can see the implicit press order in btcbase annotation, and how that manifest change looks in a vpatch file. In the process I've discovered that btcbase presser isn't working quite right, so at the moment /tree/ shouldn't be relied on for exploration of the press.1

Keccak vdiff /vpatch are now at feature parity with the existing shell based tooling, specifically vpatch now supports no newline directive. We're going to start working with a complete round trip in mp-wp, which is going to be keccak only release. I would still like to make vpatch work with SHA-512 though.

Current complete patchset, with vtools_vpatch_newline keccak and vdiff_sha_static SHA-512 heads,
  1. e.g. vtools_vpatch_newline's manifest contains extra two entries at the end, which is a result of a buggy press rather than the contents of relevant vpatches []

[...] phf's vtools keccak regrind; [...]

Posted 2018-05-1622:27 by esthlos-v Prerelease « esthlos

For future ref mainly: I stumbled into the double issue that doesn't like patches from both branches being present at the same time & if it presses to where it can see the flow anyway, then linking fails. Solution as per i.e. keep only one branch and get the fixes_static_tohex patch in on the keccak branch.

Relevant discussion from logs:

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[...] this genesis was built and press-tested with phf's vtools, via its keccak [...]

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Posted 2018-07-2919:33 by cl-keccak, Week 3 « esthlos

[...] of tools: current vdiff does not know about simply moving code without changing it. As soon as the new vtools are ready and fully functional, it should be an easy task to simply move the relevant code to a [...]

Posted 2018-08-0709:01 by EuCrypt Chapter 13: SMG RNG « Ossasepia

[...] because at the time of its implementation there simply was no better place for it. But meanwhile phf integrated Keccak into his vtools, esthlos is actively searching for the best way to use Keccak hashes as part of his own V [...]

Posted 2018-08-0910:53 by Some Branching Troubles on Existing V Trees « Ossasepia

[...] then press the tree with either a different V that you might have or otherwise semi-manually with phf's vtools (vpatch more precisely). Note that you WILL need vtools (or equivalent) at any rate! Once you [...]

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